Southern Fringe Sites

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2 thoughts on “Southern Fringe Sites

  1. Being intimately familiar with the walk along First between Windsor and Curtis, I have often wondered what a high school would be like in those fields to the west of First. The map makes it much harder to realize the residences to the south of Curtis, which has a bit of social capital in and of itself (over 1000 households, a church, parks of various sizes, a school, daycares, and an indoor village for the elderly).

    Like other fringe sites, I can see how this site might contribute to sprawl though not quite as severely (as there is already significant existing development). Another interesting variable is what the University decides to do with the surrounding land (ie, to the east of First).

  2. Yes that’s a good point. I think this map doesn’t quite adequately portray the social capital nearby. I used the intersection of Windsor and First as the starting point for my “walker” but I think actually it should start a little south of there because the entrance would be further down First.

    I think I will add the zoned land uses for as-yet undeveloped areas.

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