Garwood Site

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4 thoughts on “Garwood Site

  1. Again, a number of churches in the area.

    This site is very interesting; Greg Novak and Pattsi Petrie have expressed differences of opinion about this area, so as an observer, I have had the opportunity to hear different perspectives on the pros and cons. At a February Board Meeting, the Board decided to take the Garwood site off the list mainly due to the need to exercise eminent domain, which is basically like removing social capital, is it not?

    In thinking about this site, I am reminded of young Anakin Skywalker; potential for much good or much harm, “always in motion the future is”.

    The typical stereotype of a “ghetto” neighborhood is probably the biggest obstacle for this being a suitable site in most people’s eyes. However, I believe the rich culture and the hidden assets could be coaxed out of the woodwork to make this a hugely successful adventure. I believe it would take a different kind of focus and a different kind of work to get this to happen, but I believe it is entirely possible.

  2. Good points. I think the likelihood of selecting this site is slim, given the Board’s preference not to use eminent domain. It’s still on the list but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is removed at the meeting next week.

  3. Ask the Officers who patrol up there what they think of the area. There is not much “rich culture” Its a war zone.

    • I can’t say that I have spent considerable time in the Garwood neighborhood, but I do know that police-community relations in Champaign, especially the north end, have not been good. I imagine that some of the residents might not think too highly of the officers. In either case, the value of culture depends on the eye of the beholder. I wonder what Garwood area residents think of their neighborhood?

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