Boulder Ridge Site

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3 thoughts on “Boulder Ridge Site

  1. Wow, talk about zero social capital. 🙂 Another “fringe” site that focuses on future development. Some call this sprawl.

  2. I believe the Boulder Ridge development is within the mile perimeter where many young families live. The development is also planned to expand up to approximately the site targeted for the high school. There may not currently be walking paths because the site is a field, but that would be inevitable should the site be developed for a school.

    In addition, the park district owns the property At Boulder Ridge and Staley road. Although currently undeveloped, their plan is for this to become a full park.

    By the way, these are great studies!

  3. Thanks for the comments. You might see that I mentioned the 998 people currently in the Boulder Ridge development. I’ll add the park – good idea. I’m also adding future land use designations from the City of Champaign’s comprehensive plan. Stay tuned . . .

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