Fiscal Impacts

The Fiscal Impact Analysis was completed in June 2012. Read more in the full report: FiscalImpact_6.6.12 or read a very short summary: FiscalSummary_6.6.12


The Fiscal Impact Analysis of the Central High School Relocation Study examines differences in up-front capital expenses and long term costs, based on the high school site options. The study involved conversations with architects and engineers, construction cost estimation software, input from the City of Champaign and its utility providers, estimates from the District’s lawyer, and close coordination with the District’s chief financial officer. Estimates of capital and operating costs are ballpark approximations only, but they offer a metric of comparison.

Key Findings
•  Some capital costs, such as the building and soft costs will not differ much between sites.
•  Land acquisition and site preparation, utility connections, drainage structures, the type of athletic facilities and parking provided, improvements to roads near the sites, and fees and contingencies vary considerably from site to site.
•  Higher capital costs lead to higher annual debt repayment costs for the first 15-20 years.
•  Sites with lower operations and maintenance and transportation costs are less expensive in the long run (after 25 years).
•  A new school is a huge investment that will impact the District’s finances for many years into the future; all sites will likely have higher costs than the current facilities.


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