Environmental Impacts

The Environmental Impact Analysis was completed in June 2012. Read more in the full report: EnviroImpact_6.7.12 or read a very short summary: EnviroSummary_6.6.12.


Environmental sustainability is a goal of the local community and a high school is an integral part of the plan. Up front decisions, including the site chosen, will have a large impact on the operational sustainability of the school. The Environmental Impact Analysis of the Central High School Relocation Study examines differences between potential sites using well-established references for green schools, such as the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Schools guide.

Key Findings
•  Sites with more land may be less efficient in terms of resource usage, but the possibility to generate renewable energies would be higher.
•  The infill sites are better in terms of land use, context, and minimization of transportation emissions.
•  Material reuse might be an option at the Country Fair site.
•  Infill sites may have more exposure to industrial activity, but some industrial land uses were located near all of the sites.
•  Exposure to air pollution from major roads is likely to be problematic at all sites, although it could be worse at sites directly bordering freeways.
•  Most sites border hazardous material transport routes, thus a chemical spill emergency plan would be necessary.
•  A sustainable school has the potential to influence generations of students and their families to make green choices in their own lives.
•  Building systems and their surroundings (either natural or urban) can be used as a teaching tool for a range of disciplines, from literature to sciences.
•  Because climate change impacts are unknown and relatively delayed, an investment in a sustainable school may be the best kind of legacy we can leave for our children.


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