Welcome to the Central High School Relocation Study

The Champaign Unit 4 School District is currently considering options for the future of the two high schools, Central and Centennial. The district will likely remodel or rebuild one or both of the high schools. Many sites throughout the Champaign area have been suggested for a new school to replace Central. The Central High School Relocation Study aims to enhance discussion in the district by summarizing the pros and cons of various locations. Four studies on social, transportation, environmental and development cost impacts will provide background information for the inventory of tradeoffs.

While the studies are underway, this website will serve as a way for constituents to view drafts of the work and provide feedback. Your comments will help make the study more balanced and improve the quality of the research. Please be courteous towards other commenters and careful with your word choice. Thanks!


Holly will be presenting results from the Environmental Impact and Fiscal Impact analyses, as well as a summary of tradeoffs to the Board of Education on Monday, June 11, 6 PM at the Mellon Building near John and New. Come out to learn more about her research and participate in the discussion.

Currently under review:

Environmental Impact Analysis

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Tradeoffs Summary Booklet